Mizzi Studio unveils sweeping brass beauty bar for Westfield London

Award-winning architecture and design practice, Mizzi Studio, has unveiled a new beauty bar for S&G Beautique at the entrance to Westfield London’s £600 million expansion. In a departure from conventional beauty bar design, Mizzi Studio has created a free-flowing, organic-inspired form in lustrous brass, rejecting sterility in favour of warmth and opulence.

The design is inspired by Boticelli’s iconic painting The Birth of Venus, which depicts the goddess of beauty standing in a giant shell. Mizzi Studio has created a dramatic cocoon to house the beauty bar, with the natural contours of a shell articulated through gentle ripples in the sweeping form.

Following intensive research and development, Mizzi Studio has found a method to achieve a high level of sculptural detail while maintaining a finish that is 75 percent real brass, by using a handsculpted fibreglass mould and pushing the limits of resin casting. The lustrous brass is complemented by a soft palette of dusty pink hues in the interior, exuding a sense of luxury.

Housing a treatment room, an area for eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions, and a nail bar, the beauty bar provides privacy and comfort for a range of treatments. Mizzi Studio has created a beauty bar that is both functional and attractive within a limited footprint of six by four metres. To maximise on space and utility, the surround sculptural walls are designed to have a secondary function as seating.

“We wanted to create a jewel that would stand apart from every other kiosk and be an emblem of beauty for our client,” said Matthew Chilton, Associate at Mizzi Studio. “We chose to move away from the conventional, white, clinical look and instead embrace colour, warmth and drama.”

This is the second time that Mizzi Studio has been entrusted with Westfield’s key sites. Mizzi Studio’s first project for Westfield was a café, prominently located at the entrance Westfield Stratford City, that features an undulating copper roof and was recognised with the Outside award at the 2017 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Images courtesy of Luke Hayes.

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