Millington Associates create the Diane Von Furstenberg totem pole in Harrods

A retail interior installation located in Harrods.

A celebration of boldness, sensual femininity and creativity.

harrodsThe Millington Associates crafted totem pole has been created to express the confidence and glamour of Diane Von Furstenberg, an iconic fashion and lifestyle brand since the 1970s.
As consumers explore Harrods and as they travel to the first floor, entering the retail space aptly named the designer’s studio, they are greeted with the color, empowerment and courage of Diane Von Furstenberg.
The entrance wall is wrapped in cork with mirrored lettering of the same name, this is then coupled with two mannequins dressed in the characterful collection.
As you face forward your eyes are automatically drawn to the Millington’s crafted totem pole surrounded by four more DVF friendly mannequins.

From studio to store, the handcrafted totem pole is one of several individual pieces that has been created for DVF and placed in store across London and Europe, adaptable to fashion seasons, the totem pole has been refreshed to reflect the latest collection.
Millington Associates are excited to showcase this simple but very powerful retail installation.

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