MIDDLESBROUGH FOOTBALL CLUB: Complimenting the Aesthetic of the Surrounding Area

ROAR was tasked to design a modern new superstore for Middlesbrough Football Club. The store had to showcase a range of products, be easy to navigate and aim to turn it into a key destination as part of the stadium experience.

ROAR looked beyond the club and towards the town of Middlesbrough to show its heritage. The steel industry is intertwined with the growth of the town and we wanted to embrace this to create a store that was truly Middlesbrough. This was done by using a distressed steel panel finish on wall displays and a unique pillar system that guides the customers around store and creates a define flow.

On our visits to the stadium we found that breeze block was everywhere. ROAR brought this element into the store in order to create unison with the rest of the ground.

Around the perimeter we printed important dates, quote and photos onto more distressed steel panels, creating points of interest around the whole store, highlighting the story and history of the club wherever you’re stood.

“We had a very successful launch and the reaction to the new store and shirt was very positive. The New layout has provided an enhanced experience for our supporters” – Jo-Ann Swinerton, Head of Retail, Middlesbrough F.C.

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