Merchants go back-to-school this September for CPD qualification in chargebacks

Chargebacks911 has developed a comprehensive full-day workshop for merchants to earn accreditation in the complex chargeback system

Europe’s first dispute management company, Chargebacks911, launches CPD-accredited (Continuing Professional Development) course in chargebacks for merchants to develop and enhance their understanding of payment disputes and proactively challenge them.

Taking place in London on 5th September, the course has been expertly developed to help merchants cut through the myths and mystery surrounding chargebacks which have seen an unprecedented spike in recent years. In the last year alone, UK online transactions grew by 7.5%, while related chargebacks rose by 23% ̶ growth that is having a marked negative impact on merchant profits.

Designed and led by global leaders in the FinTech industry – including Chargebacks911’s multi-award-winning co-founder and CIO, Monica Eaton-Cardone – this hands-on course will teach merchants the history of chargebacks, how they work and why they sometimes don’t.

It will also explore how chargeback thresholds can negatively impact merchants’ sustainability, and teach them how to leverage fraud prevention tools and best-practice strategies to ensure optimum outcomes.

Discussing the course, Eaton-Cardone explained: “It’s a chance to look beyond reason codes for the real source of chargebacks. To understand the varying terminology, timeframes, and process flow of a chargeback that can be confusing for merchants who haven’t spent as much time studying this issue as we have!”

As the course has reached the required CPD standards and benchmarks, meaning it has been assessed for integrity and quality, merchants are promised a high-level learning value and CPD qualification for the skills developed throughout the day.

Eaton-Cardone continued: “After completing the CPD-accredited workshop, merchants will have a richer, more practical understanding of the entire chargeback dispute process, with the tools they need to protect their business and their revenues.”

The course will run from 9am to 4pm on 5th September 2019 at The Green Room, 70 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0HR. To book your place, visit:

To find out more about what Chargebacks911 or what the CPD certification entails, go to: and explained.

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