Men’s care brand Harry’s looks to shake-up the grooming market again as it extends its retail footprint offline to Boots

  • Harry’s to launch into the UK’s largest pharmacy-led health and beauty chain Boots on Wednesday (April 10th)
  • Unique, branded points of sale will showcase a selection of Harry’s most popular items
  • Harry’s will be available in over 300 major Boots stores nationwide
  • This move follows a hugely successful venture into offline retail in the US which saw Harry’s taking 50% of razor sales in Target in just one month

Boots will begin stocking leading direct-to-consumer men’s care brand Harry’s from Wednesday (April 10th). The company’s award-winning products will be available in over 300 Boots stores nationwide minus the perspex security boxes and high prices that have, historically, made buying a razor a negative experience for consumers. This is the first large scale, multi-store roll-out Harry’s has seen in the UK.

Harry’s was founded to provide an exceptional grooming experience at a fair price, alongside products that every guy wants and needs and that stand out from the crowd. Working with Boots will further that mission by reaching a new legion of men in addition to the ten million guys trusting the brand already.

Starting from their bold Orange Truman which disrupted the market upon launch, Harry’s is one to always stand out from the crowd approaching retail in the same unique way as approaching it’s core DTC business. Pushing boundaries of traditional Boots store design, Harry’s will be the first brand to be sold using their own branded displays and point of sale – something no other men’s brand has done previously. It was these distinctive stands that gave Harry’s prominence when they launched into U.S. stalwarts, Walmart and Target – increasing basket spend and becoming the number one razor brand in both stores.

Matt Hiscock, UK General Manager: “Harry’s is thrilled to announce a new initiative to make Harry’s products available at Boots nationwide later this year. Harry’s was founded to deliver an exceptional grooming experience at a fair price, and we’re working with Boots to further that mission and reach as many guys as possible. We always put customers first, and believe that purchasing grooming products should be as simple and enjoyable as possible, online or in stores.”

“Since we launched Harry’s direct-to-consumer in the UK in 2017, we’ve really got to know our customers, which is one of the key facets of being a DTC business. We’ve had hundreds of conversations with them every day through our customer care team and have understood that guys would love to buy our product in traditional retail too. Boots are an obvious choice for us to partner with to exclusively launch the Harry’s brand at retail. They have such a rich heritage of being a trusted destination to find innovative new brands and products. We both want to bring quality items at great prices to lots of people and look forward to what’s to come.”

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