Managing and maximising sales spikes during Black Friday

By Eddie Latham, Co-founder, Velocity Commerce

Revolutions in next-day delivery, quick and easy returns, and greater accessibility to online marketplaces through mobile technology, now mean that shopping online is more convenient than ever. As a result, key shopping events like Black Friday present a huge opportunity to drive sales for online brands and retailers. But, as with most sales peak periods, preparation is key for managing and maximising sales during Black Friday.

At Velocity Commerce we work with Tile, manufacturers of ‘lost and found’ Bluetooth tracking devices which help people find lost things. For Tile, making the most of Black Friday is essential for business success, but it is a difficult cycle for the brand to manage on its own. We support Tile with everything from content optimisation and promotion to fulfilment and logistics – ensuring that the brand can maximise seasonal opportunities, without having to maintain the logistics and staffing infrastructure required for Black Friday, for the rest of the year.

In our preparation for Black Friday, the first challenge for Tile is that its products are a new concept, not necessarily fitting easily into an existing product category. So, focussing the marketing strategy on driving understanding and awareness of the products by ensuring Tile listings on marketplaces such as Amazon feature high quality, informative, detailed content is a crucial first step. For any brand to excel during the Black Friday period, they need to make time for a pre-peak audit of all listings and channels to ensure that everything is up to date, and optimised for the occasion. For example, this is a good time to ensure product descriptions are accurate and include key search terms, and that they are priced accordingly for the occasion.

Then, on top of this foundation of quality content, effective use of the promotion strategies offered by marketplaces during the Black Friday period is incredibly effective at capturing potential customers at POS during sales apexes.

Another crucial consideration during the Black Friday period is pricing strategies. Effective forecasting can help brands meet demand, reduce excess stock, and make the maximum profit. Thorough logistical planning is also critical for when the sales do flood in, and ensuring a slick fulfilment operation is important so that deliveries arrive on time and customers are happy.

When effectively managed, Black Friday can energise the market and deliver record breaking sales for brands. But, in order to make the most of the opportunity, brands need to implement an effective marketing and sales fulfilment strategy. Through this strategy, brands will need to forecast and manage stock as accurately as possible, whilst also ensuring that they can handle the large volume of additional orders. Such a busy period can be extremely draining and detrimental for brands to manage alone, which is part of the reason why out-sourcing elements of the sales and fulfilment process leads to a winning strategy, and enables brands to reach full potential.

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