Mall of Switzerland

The Mall of Switzerland is unique in Switzerland and combines attractive shopping and pure recreational fun in one place. The innovative mall stands for fashion, leisure & sports, events, design, trends and superb service. A highly attractive mixture of shops and trendy dining establishments complements the exceptional recreational and sports offers. On 65,000 square meters, visitors can experience the term “mall” as something completely new and interpret it individually for themselves: as shopping fan, event visitor, family person, adrenaline junkie or lover of exclusive designs. The Mall of Switzerland is a destination in the heart of Switzerland that surprises and excites.

Shopping in a class of its own and a great variety of food and beverage offers
Successful international brands and Swiss quality brands provide a varied and attractive shopping experience in the Mall of Switzerland. Regardless of whether well-known brands or up-and-coming designers, the innovatively designed mall is the ideal platform to present something new and surprising to the public! In addition, the Mall of Switzerland convinces with regular events such as fashion shows, exhibitions and imaginative pop-up stores, with which fresh concepts are tested on a temporary basis. A novelty in the Swiss shopping mall landscape is created by the projecting and recessed facades individually designed by the tenants, thanks to which a relaxing culture of strolling is generated. The food and beverage offer is also impressive. The operators were able to sign up leading and innovative restaurants as tenants for a highly attractive and varied food & beverage mix in the Mall of Switzerland.

Trendy food and restaurant brands such as Joe & The Juice, WonderWaffel and SUC+ are just as much present as well as popular franchises such as McDonald’s, Nooch and Desperado and small, refined gourmet concepts from the region.

Leisure, sports and unique events

The Mall of Switzerland provides unique leisure and sport experiences. The main attractions include a spectacular multiplex cinema with the latest IMAX technology and IMAX cinema screen as well as a modern fitness centre. As the highlight of the leisure offer, the mall will also be the Swiss hot spot for surfing in the future. At the opening, the surf specialists from “Glisss” guarantee an authentic surf experience for young and old as well as beach ambiance in the middle of the mall and even free of charge in the first few weeks. The two pocket surf facilities and the Skim Parc are located on the top floor of the mall. Easy and safe: the surf facilities ensure surfing pleasure for beginners and advanced surfers of all ages. Thanks to low power and water requirements (from a closed system), they are also energy efficient and protect the environment.

It is the ideal surf spot until the opening of the first indoor surfing wave “citywave” in the spring of 2018 in the recreation building of the Mall of Switzerland.

Ebisquare – the heart of the mall 
Gossip place, venue, show court, playground and restaurant marketplace: all this will be the Mall of Switzerland. The multi-faceted and cheerful world of experience of the Mall of Switzerland is revealed impressively and colourfully at the central Ebisquare. In addition to attractive food and beverage offers, visitors can look forward to many exciting events, festivals and attractions throughout the whole year. Ebisquare is the heart of the Mall of Switzerland. It will become a “third place”, i.e., a place where you like to spend leisure time with family and friends. Watching the hustle and bustle in the square while savouring a tasty espresso, observing little kids playing their boisterous games, watching an inspiring fashion show from the stands, tasting new food offers and, and, and. Something exciting happens on Ebisquare every day!

Families? The Mall of Switzerland plays along!
Families can look forward to a great children’s play world with Swiss themes in the heart of the Mall of Switzerland. In Switzerland’s largest children’s world, which is located in a shopping centre, children can romp, play and learn on 1,500 square meters – including comprehensive child care on request or together with their parents.

The name Kaleidoscope promises a fascinating world of adventure. In addition to competent, comprehensive care and a cool indoor adventure playground, Kaleidoscope features two areas: the Mini Land, where babies and toddlers are looked after, and the Maxi Land, which offers a fantastic adventure world for children starting from kindergarten age. Play, fun and exercise are guaranteed.

The children’s play world has been implemented together with the leisure specialists “TheLeisureWay” and underlines the positioning of the Mall of Switzerland as a lively meeting place for the whole family.

Exciting architecture and holistic design concept
The Mall of Switzerland not only impresses with its innovative concept, but also with excellent, friendly and open architecture as well as careful design, for which the companies Burckhardt+Partner AG (architecture) and Schwitzke & Partner GmbH (design) are responsible. The same as the Munich Allianz Arena, the graceful facade of the mall’s upper floors consists of a translucent ETFE foil. The bright foil dematerializes the large volume and reflects the wide range of environmental conditions. Depending on the daylight and lighting conditions, the facade is also illuminated, giving the building a lively and striking appearance. The kaleidoscope as an overarching design theme of the Mall of Switzerland is also clearly depicted in the interior design. Mirror axes pass through the floor of the square and the mall and form the starting points for the architectural emphasis on entrances and mall centres. A holistic design concept with high ceilings, lots of light and impressive sculptures based on Swiss themes provides a unique sense of space. In the entire mall, plenty of seats entice you to relax and chat.

Top service included
Service has top priority at the Mall of Switzerland, so that the visitors can concentrate on their shopping, leisure and dining experiences during their stay. The comprehensive service offer is specially designed to meet the needs of visitors. It includes a high-performance delivery service in cooperation with Swiss Post, with which you can easily have your purchases delivered to your home; this is especially practical if you are travelling by public transport or want to take a short outing in the leisure sector after shopping. At the mall opening, this home delivery service is even offered free of charge for testing!

Thanks to very good public transport links, including a separate walkway to the mall, and a modern parking garage with direct access to all floors of the mall, the Mall of Switzerland is particularly attractive for those arriving both by public and private transport.

Image courtesy of PPR/Manuel Lopez.


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