The global payments platform will help the growing retailer to streamline payments across channels.

Furniture brand Loaf, has selected Adyen (ADYEN:AMS), the payments platform, to help consolidate its payment services and deliver an improved customer experience.

When it came to payments, Loaf had previously been working with a traditional payment ecosystem, engaging with different partners to provide payment processing and acquiring services, as well as having standalone payment terminals in-store. With this old model, Loaf found that there were limits to creating a unified experience for customers when it came to managing payments.

Adyen enables Loaf to have full visibility and control over the payments journey for customers, by handling end-to-end payment processing, fraud screening and acquiring, as well as providing integrated point-of-sale terminals. Loaf is now able to consolidate and streamline its payments ecosystem under a single platform.

“We strive to deliver the highest quality service in whatever we do here at Loaf.  Our customers spend on average more than £1,000 per order with us, and they rightfully expect a premium experience,” Anne Blixen-Finecke, CFO at Loaf said. “With Adyen, we saw a business partner who cared as much about our customers as we do. They have supported us in consolidating our payments systems, providing our customers with different payment options so they can pay in the way they choose, and their cutting-edge technology has enabled us to future proof this part of the customer journey as we continue to grow our business.”

“Quality furniture is a high involvement purchase decision. Loaf is a premium brand, and so their customers expect high quality service, whether that’s in their ‘Shacks’ or speaking to customer services teams,” Myles Dawson, Managing Director Adyen UK said. “We’re happy to support Loaf in delivering on their ethos and simplifying their payments, both for the business and their customers. We’re excited to see what is in store for Loaf in the future and we’re thrilled to be part of their journey.”

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