Pet shop chain Jollyes drives customer engagement and loyalty with new digital app

One of the UK’s largest pet retailers triples the number of transactions linked to loyalty customers after switching to Itim’s digital loyalty platform, with 150,000 new customers added within first three months.

Since opening its first store in 1971, Jollyes has grown into one of the largest chains of pet retail stores in the UK with 68 stores. As well as traditional pet retail, it also offers complementary services such as pet grooming and pet clinics and even an in-store vets in one of its flagship stores.

“We are looking to become a truly customer-centric retailer by really understanding our customers, rewarding them well for shopping with Jollyes and offering additional ways for them to engage with us digitally that encourage store visits and increased spend,” said Warwick Thresher, CFO of Jollyes.

Jollyes recently embarked on a journey to achieve this vision, starting with a loyalty programme fit for the digital age.

Pet rewards

The retailer’s previous paper-based ‘Jollyes Reward Card’ wasn’t found to be driving spend and had a low activation rate. Consequently, only 17 percent of Jollyes’ sales transactions could be recognised and tied to customers.

“We were confident that we could ultimately quadruple our swipe-rate and increase shopper frequency and Average Transaction Value with an improved loyalty offer and a more digitally focused customer experience,” said Huw Thomas, CRM & Digital Manager at Jollyes.

The company set out to create a new, digitally-based loyalty programme that would allow it to identify customers across different shopping channels and enable a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiative to then continually engage shoppers with personally relevant content and offers.

Tech treats

Itim worked with Jollyes to develop a digital clienteling roadmap – a process aimed at fostering more personalised relationships with customers by understanding more about their preferences and shopping behaviour – with a phased approach and an ambitious implementation timeline. Phase one focused on the rollout of Itim’s multichannel loyalty solution to replace its existing paper-based programme with an easy-to-use customer app and a consistent customer experience across all channels. This would allow the retailer to start capturing customer data and lay a foundation for providing more personalised customer experiences in the future.

“We chose Itim because they shared our vision for digital clienteling and provided expert advice on how to get there,” said Thresher. “Their innovative customer app and modular suite of solutions offered us more flexibility than other suppliers and has the ability to grow with our business.”

In just 14 weeks, the Itim and Jollyes project teams had designed, tested and piloted the new loyalty solution. Store teams were fully briefed at the annual Jollyes Store Day event and the new Jollyes PetCLUB loyalty programme was launched.

Jollyes PetCLUB

Designed to present clear and compelling value for customers, the Jollyes PetCLUB is a points-based programme where customers earn 10 points for every £1 spent. For each tier of 1,000 points accumulated, the customer gets a digital coupon worth £2 off their next shop – essentially a two percent cashback scheme.

“It was easy for customers to understand and simple for store teams to sell,” said Thomas.

Jollyes customers are invited to register for PetCLUB at the checkouts or on the Jollyes website with the incentive of 500 points as a welcome gift. Customers provide some basic contact details which then triggers an activation email with their loyalty ID and an invitation to download the Jollyes PetCLUB mobile app (earning additional bonus points). Available on Google Play™ and the Apple App Store®, the app also serves as a digital wallet for loyalty cards and coupons.

Once registered with the itim-powered app, customers can see all their historic transactions (across multiple channels), their loyalty points balance and a repository of all coupons they have earned and redeemed. They can collect points on both products and in-store services. To do so, they simply scan their digital card at checkout or automatically accrue them when shopping on the Jollyes website. All existing loyalty customers were also migrated to the new programme.

Store sales and ecommerce transactions pass in near real-time to the Itim Loyalty Engine where points are applied. Vouchers are generated each night and can be redeemed both in-store or online, expiring after six weeks. Interfaces on the tills and at head office allow for easy servicing of the loyalty scheme and there is also the ability to run supplier-funded promotions.

Loyalty gains

“The launch went very smoothly, especially given the tight timeline, and we are already seeing strong results,” said Thomas. “After just 12 weeks, we’ve had over 150,000 new customer signups and over 50,000 app downloads.“

A key performance indicator for Jollyes is the number of recognised loyalty transactions which has already tripled from 17 to 50 percent after just three months and is expected to continue to rise with store managers incentivised on their ‘swipe rates’ (the number of transactions that are linked to a customer via their loyalty membership).

“Most importantly, our customers like the new programme and find it easy to use,” continued Thomas. “They like getting rewarded for their loyalty and the ease of accessing their PetCLUB details and vouchers through the app.”

“The customer insight we now have is invaluable. Previously we were operating in silos and couldn’t connect the dots between channels. The loyalty engine brings it all together and has enabled a single view of the customer.”

Personalised products for pets

With the wealth of customer data the company is now building and a steadily growing number of active PetCLUB app users, Jollyes is already working on the subsequent phases of the digital clienteling programme. It now plans to leverage advanced capabilities of the Itim loyalty solution such as personalised rewards, product promotions, timed promotions and loyalty point incentives to encourage certain behaviours (for example, giving product recommendations, choosing to collect from store, or booking a service).

The retailer also wants to make use of the additional clienteling capabilities within the Itim clienteling platform to offer a more personalised service in store and send customers curated ranges (for

example, based on the type of pet you have), invites to in-store events and appointments for in-store services (such as pet grooming).

“Our store teams have a wealth of knowledge about pets and about our products and they know the local customers. The goal is to leverage this both in-store and beyond the store using digital,” concluded Thomas.

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