Isinstore Creates Pop Up Gallery Experience to Launch Iconic Collaboration Between Vans and MoMa

September 2020 marked the launch of Vans and The Museum Of Modern Art (MoMa), an exclusive collaboration between two brands with exceptional artistic legacy. To communicate this iconic partnership via retail channels, ISinstore created a striking and flexible campaign that captures the essence of creative expression and individuality.

The collaboration between Vans and MoMA launched in September with limited-edition footwear and apparel featuring some of the museum’s greatest work by prominent artists like Salvador Dalí and Claude Monet, with a second product drop at the start of November.

From bespoke windows for its Camden and Carnaby stores, to a fully shoppable launch zone space within its Oxford Street store, ISInstore created an eye-catching and flexible campaign that adapts to different retail spaces. To spread the word even further, the agency created a comprehensive and modular ‘kit of parts’ design pack to roll the concept out to Office stores around the country.

The striking identity of the collaboration took inspiration from the museum’s bright colour palette coupled with Vans’ iconic checkerboard, which became the key focus in ISInstore’s designs​.

Layered, bold and graphic window displays showcase products on illuminated coloured podiums to draw in footfall, while backlit panels and illuminated table-top displays created a point of difference for premium stores where space allowed. For smaller budget stores, the branded ‘kit of parts’ included window vinyls, strut cards and shoe risers to create stand-out.

The Oxford Street launch zone was designed as a pop-up gallery to imitate how we view and interact with art in a museum. The multifaceted space situated centrally in-store, can be approached from all angles, introduces the collection, and features a mounted replica of each artist’s work, whilst allowing consumers to browse and interact with the campaign’s limited-edition product range.

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