ISE 2018: Retail Roundtable – Wow concepts vs scalability

Commencing from Tuesday 23rd January until today we have been posting the topics discussed at this year’s ISE 2018 Retail Roundtable. This post will be the final post of the ISE 2018 Retail Roundtable series. Thanks for following!

Hosted by Florian Rotberg, Chairman of the Digital Signage Summit, the panel included Andrew Gerrie, Chairman of Hotel Chocolat, David Bailey, VP Marketing, Samsung Smart Things, Philippe G. von Stauffenberg and Ignacio Alonso Junquera of technology integrators Trison Worldwide, Gary Watton, Vitra Shopfitting and Stefan Schieker of Invidis Consulting.

Today’s topic: Wow concepts vs scalability

Below image: Gary Watton of Vitra

It is often the case in a retail environment that complex systems get in the way of the customer experience; the goal is to have simple, scalable, effective, and efficient solutions. As Gary Watton of Vitra notes, retailers need to be able to cater to the needs of their customers, whilst delivering on ‘wow’ factor at the same time.

Simple: Too many agencies create customer experiences which are too complex by introducing technology that looks fancy (and bumps up their pricing) but gets in the way of the customer experience. Note that simple is not easy, in fact it’s quite complex to achieve…

We are now seeing a trend for established online retailers opening flagship, destination stores.  They could be at an advantage, having a wealth of historical data to work with regarding customer behaviour.  However, in contrast to online retailers, where customers can swap between brands and products, arranging them according to their needs, a bricks-and-mortar retailer may not have that intelligence to draw from – but – they are of course more experienced in what makes real estate successful.

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