ISE 2018: Retail Roundtable – Role of Digital Touch points along the Customer Journey

Commencing from Tuesday 23rd January, until Saturday 27th January, we will be posting the topics discussed at this year’s ISE 2018 Retail Roundtable. Stay tuned!

Hosted by Florian Rotberg, Chairman of the Digital Signage Summit, the panel included Andrew Gerrie, Chairman of Hotel Chocolat, David Bailey, VP Marketing, Samsung Smart Things, Philippe G. von Stauffenberg and Ignacio Alonso Junquera of technology integrators Trison Worldwide, Gary Watton, Vitra Shopfitting and Stefan Schieker of Invidis Consulting.

Today’s topic – Role of Digital Touch points along the Customer Journey

Technology can vastly impact the customer experience instore; the feel, smell, sounds of the store, all influence customers, commented Ignacio Alonso of Trison Worldwide. The change of scope from store-design to multi, omni-channel experiences requires seamless integration of technology, from Digital Signage to Electronic Shelf Labels.

Left image: Ignacio Alonso of Trison Worldwide



Putting this into action, Gary Watton, Vitra discussed the concept of altering the way retailers traditionally view the fitting room. Often a forgotten space instore, Gary had many examples of stores where the fitting room is used to store boxes, is set at the back of the store in a poky corner, with a sad set of curtains. Why not put this space at the forefront of the customer experience – it is so often the place where the decision to purchase is made. Today’s technology can completely revolutionise the fitting room.  By incorporating technology, such as a magic mirror screen, technology can upsell product by ordering different sizes to the fitting room, whilst clever use of adaptive lighting and RFID-readers which can recognise the item and its natural setting, and then adapts the fitting room lighting to suit. There are also display solutions that can show rear views (delayed mirror), 360°, and even superimpose the clothes onto the customer’s image.

Right image: Gary Watton of Vitra

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