International sports retailer SPORT 2000 appoints Mynt Design to develop a new retail shopping experience

Creative agency, Mynt Design, has been appointed by international sports retailer, SPORT 2000, to develop a new shopping experience for the retailer’s generalist/multisport ‘SPORT 2000’ store estate. The new concept will be designed to re-engage with its existing audience whilst appealing to a new experience-hungry consumer too.

Following a competitive pitch in late 2018, Mynt Design was appointed to create the strategic design concept for the next generation of the SPORT 2000 stores.

Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000, commented:

“Mynt has shown an extraordinary understanding of the SPORT 2000 brand and how to bring the core essence of the brand to life in our future retail concept. SPORT 2000 differentiates itself strongly from other sports retailers. SPORT 2000 is the retailer with the human touch and our relationship with the sports enthusiast is led by expert knowledge, personal service and a bespoke approach to people and their individual needs. This must be expressed in our stores in the future, which is challenging to realise. To build a good-looking store is doable, but to build the spirit and soul of the brand in a store is extraordinary difficult.
Mynt is one of a few retail concept agencies who we believe can do this, and we are happy to collaborate with their highly talented team on this project.”

“Working with SPORT 2000 on brand positioning, values and marketing communication projects over the last 12 months, we have a very good understanding on the retailer’s points of difference. This, combined with our heritage in designing retail environments for leading global brands, gave us confidence that our future vision for the brand’s generalist store estate would be well received and we’re absolutely thrilled to be working with the team at

SPORT 2000 on redefining the store experience. Our vision is about curating regular, relevant experiences within a flexible and updatable space.”

Ollie Patterson, Marketing Director, Mynt Design

Work on the new store concept will commence in early 2019 with the first iterations expected to be implemented during 2019.

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