• Influencers including Ashley James, Olivia Campbell and Kelly Knox have taken part in George at Asda’s latest empowerment campaign
  • Followers have praised the brand for sharing authentic content and celebrating women’s bodies
  • Body language expert creates fresh take on Amy Cuddy’s, 2012 ‘Power Poses’ TED Talk

A host of empowering influencers have come together to celebrate the launch of George at Asda’s ‘Anything but Basic’ lingerie campaign, with praise from hundreds of followers applauding another bold move by the brand.

The campaign reminds females to feel unapologetically confident in their basics, by introducing new ‘Empower Poses’ with the idea to take a moment in front of the mirror as an empowering kick-start to the day. Created by body language expert Adrianne Carter, the poses are designed to embrace femininity and act as a reminder to be fearless and powerful.

Several social media influencers have taken to their Instagram to share their favourite poses, alongside TV personality and empowerment coach Ashley James. Plus size model Olivia Campbell (@curvycampebll), fashion and lifestyle influencer Naima WaZuki (@nainawazuki), blogger Jess Jones (@thefatfunnyone), activist Kelly Knox (@itskellyknox), and model Clara Holmes (@rollinfunky) all took part.

One Instagram user commented “Asda, I’m loving your posts. Well done for being inclusive. It’s very refreshing! Gorgeous gorgeous girls shop at Asda”, while another added “Finally brands are being inclusive. Real models. Girl, you’re beautiful”.

Ashley took to Instagram on Wednesday 23 February to share, ‘The Flamingo’ pose, with her 320,000 followers, while wearing a lace bow detailed bra priced at £14, and high leg knickers at £7.

She said: “I saw a TED Talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy about how standing or sitting in a certain way for a few minutes can give you a major uplift. I feel like sometimes we all need that boost and that thing that switches up our entire mindset.

“The Flamingo pose is one of three empowering poses created by body language expert, Adrianne Carter, to help us embrace our femininity and leave us feeling amazing. The Flamingo is a confident, brave, and hopeful stance that shows you are unafraid to be totally seen.

“Here I am doing the Flamingo in my bright and colourful lingerie. Maybe we should all begin our days with an empower pose?”

On creating the poses, body language expert, Adrianne Carter said: “Body language is the unspoken way in which a person communicates and sends a message to others, and on occasions, it’s useful to convey messages, not only to others, but to ourselves.

“Adopting one of George at Asda’s empower poses will help you to manifest the feelings you’d like to possess, rather than the ones you may currently have.”

The three poses that promise to instil female pride, self-acceptance and superhero status are:

The Flamingo – A confident pose that requires standing tall with shoulders back and the chin facing upwards, with a subtle and gentle smile. One hand is in the air making a fist, and the sole of the opposite foot is placed on the side of the knee of the other leg. This is a brave, and hopeful stance that shows you are unafraid to be totally seen.

The Peacock – A pose that must have a genuine smile, where the face is closer to the camera than the body. For the body shape, one leg should be raised and curled behind the body, with the foot being held by one hand. This is a body language movement that demonstrates you are engaged and paying attention and establishes a ready-to-take-action mindset.

The Eagle – A ‘smile with your eyes’ facial expression, where the mouth is slightly open and eyes are playful. The person is turned around and looking backwards over their shoulder, with one hand on their hip. The Eagle is incredibly engaging and helps you to feel more confident and cheerful.

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