IKEA UK has launched its new loyalty club, the IKEA Business Network – a free initiative supporting all businesses across the UK to grow and create a better life at work by offering access to benefits, services, and knowledge.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on small businesses. However, it has also provided a unique opportunity for people to launch their own, leading to a record-breaking increase in start-ups.

IKEA has created the IKEA Business Network based on insights from more than 1,000 interviews, polls and questionnaires with business owners, expert input and real-life testing, and has been built around offering support in three key areas:

Business – Enabling them to improve efficiencies by offering IKEA’s expertise and experience, allowing business owners to focus on running their business their way

Space – Helping them to affordably create spaces that meet their needs and those of their customers, and that reflect their business’s personality

People – Helping them look after their employees’ wellbeing and creating a better life at work by providing access to tools and offers normally unavailable to small businesses

Membership benefits include:

Free quick fix design tips – Up to one-hour sessions with IKEA’s skilled interior designers for quick design fixes and space-improving ideas.

Online training – A ‘Learn with IKEA’ video series sharing knowledge and skills from IKEA experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. From valuable business insights on the future of retail or how to take care of your team working remotely to interior design solutions for every space, example speakers include Mary Portas and Chris Capossela, Vice President Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft.

Employee perks – 50% discount on employee benefits through Reward Gateway UK*, including gym membership and travel and private health insurance, designed to boost everyone’s wellbeing.

Discounts – Access to all IKEA Family discounts and special member discounts. This also includes a discounted interior design service, enabling businesses to make the most of their space (including mood board creation, floor plan, product collage and detailed drawings).

Sandra Askgaard, IKEA for Business Manager, Ingka Market Support said:  “Small businesses play a vital role in every local economy, helping to provide jobs and drive innovation. At IKEA, we know that small businesses need a supportive partner, especially with many recovering and preparing for new growth following the enormous challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the IKEA Business Network, we aim to inspire and empower small businesses to create a better life at work through our range, services, communities and knowledge. The club will launch with a range of benefits and, over time, we envision the club evolving to meet even more small business needs.”

The IKEA Business Network is the retailer’s next step in their ongoing journey to creating an IKEA that is more accessible, affordable and sustainable. This includes developing and establishing a closer, and more meaningful relationship with small businesses.

Joining the club is both free and easy; applicants simply need to provide the company’s registered name. For more, visit: https://biz.ikea.com/gb/en/profile/promotions

*Members will receive a 50% discount on each employee they sign up to Reward Gateway UK (originally £6 per person, £3 for IKEA Business Network members). Once signed up, employees will have access to a number of retail, gym membership and other discounts.

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