iD MIXONOMI FROM TARKETT – “The Art of Mixing”

With iD Mixonomi, Tarkett have crafted a creative ‘material toolbox’ for architects and designers to enable them to use colours and shapes to create their own flooring compositions.

This versatile collection, with 33 original colours and 10 interconnecting shapes, is particularly suited to the development of unique designs for retail or hotel interiors.

Built upon the principle of combining colours and shapes, iD Mixonomi is an intuitive tool to enable the tailoring of flooring compositions; from timeless patterns to the most vibrant collages.

Inspired by the iconic hexagon, the iD Mixonomi range features 10 compatible geometric shapes and sizes which may be combined in a multitude of layouts. A striking palette of 33 colours has been created around a central colour theme of bold trend shades, deep complementary hues and metallic highlights.

All of these iD Mixonomi options work seamlessly with the existing Tarkett iD Inspiration standard plank and tile shapes.

To further inspire signature floor designs, Tarkett has created an online library of patterns and layouts for iD Mixonomi, along with a ‘floor configurator’ and digital visualiser at – to help designers create dynamic pattern and colour combinations.

The collection is manufactured using phthalate free technology has a number of crucial functional benefits such as extremely low VOC’s – an important contribution to improved indoor air quality. View the new collection on Tarkett’s website:


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