Hyper-convenient deliveries: Evenings are the new frontier in retail logistics

By Darren Taylor, Business Solutions Director, CitySprint


There was a time when delivery of goods used to take 7-10 working days, with very few options available to customers. However, as technology has evolved over the years, so too have the number of delivery methods and options.

Shoppers now have an increasing number of options when it comes to receiving their online purchases, which has in turn led to higher consumer expectations around how delivery should work. Offering a vague three to five day delivery window is no longer acceptable to customers — especially when next and same day options are becoming increasingly popular. As such, any retailers not providing a variety of delivery options could be missing out on a significant revenue stream.

So which of the host of delivery options currently available should they look to prioritise?

There’s no denying the convenience of same and next day deliveries and they will continue to be popular options for retailers and customers alike. From our perspective, though, we see evening deliveries as the new frontier in retail logistics.

The reason for this is simple. While next and same day deliveries are fantastic options for shoppers either ordering things to their home when they know they’ll be in, or for smaller items delivered to their work which they can carry home, evening deliveries are one rung higher up the convenience scale. Why? Because this option lets shoppers receive their items between 6-10pm either on the same or next day once their order is placed. This means they can ensure to be home during a set time window, helping make the dreaded “sorry we missed you” card a thing of the past.

Convenient deliveries are increasingly being used as a point of differentiation at a time when competition is only increasing. Retailers — no matter their size or the sector they operate in — must ensure they continue to prioritise customer experience at every turn. After all, customer expectations for a service that fits in around their busy lives will only increase in the future.

With a retailer’s delivery offering increasingly able to make or break a sale, now is the time for businesses to reevaluate their final mile offering. By letting customers choose from a wider range of the best available delivery options at checkout, retailers are handing control over to them — letting them craft and define what perfect delivery looks like to them on each buying occasion. In today’s ultra-competitive retail landscape — where shoppers can choose to shop from a plethora of different brands at the click of a button — this is what will set brands apart in the battle for customer loyalty.

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