hush announces launch of new ecommerce website

hush announces launch of new ecommerce website, introducing an elevated digital retail experience for their global customer base.

Fashion and lifestyle brand hush launced their new ecommerce website on Tuesday 26th May 2020, using the platform Salesforce.

The new mobile first site has been designed with the handheld user in mind, making the site x6 faster for those browsing via mobile, and with the introduction of the digital payment and wallet service Apple Pay for increased IOS convenience.

Rupert Youngman, Managing Director of hush says: “We’re immensely proud of our new website and can’t wait for our customers to finally be able to use it after many months of development. The goal was to build a seamless ecommerce retail experience, whilst at the same time allowing our customers to immerse themselves in our brand and content. The new site combines best in class UX and aesthetic design, which don’t always lend themselves to each other. Ultimately customers will now be able to shop both quickly and effortlessly, or equally spend hours browsing and discovering our vast library of rich editorial content.”

To support the growth of hush in the online retail market, the brand has chosen to host the new site on the Salesforce Cloud platform. This technological improvement will allow hush to take advantage of access to the platform’s extensive tool set, providing the brand with extensive data to support further innovation.

The creation of a stand-alone international site allows hush to improve the local customer experience, whilst also expanding its accessibility to the global digital market. International shoppers now have the choice to pay in local currency and use local delivery services.

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