How to boost customer loyalty and sales during the pandemic

Here, Jonathan Birch, Creative Director at digital marketing agency Glass Digital, shares his tips for boosting customer loyalty and sales during the pandemic.

If your brick and mortar locations have been forced to close thanks to COVID-19, it’s probably safe to say that your focus has turned to online sales for the foreseeable future. But, with so many retailers in the same boat, how do you ensure your customers continue to choose you?

Being able to retain a customer base has always been the key to elevated sales. During this crisis, it stands to reason that having a loyal set of customers is the best way to weather the storm. To help you out, here are my tips for keeping your clients onside.

Make sure you are meeting your customers’ needs

One of the main reasons that your customers come back to your retail business time and time again is because you are offering what they need. Unfortunately, during this crisis, people are being forced to revaluate their purchasing decisions and make changes accordingly.

As a result, certain products and services are becoming in demand, but unforeseen, bestsellers. There has been a huge rise in the level of search for loungewear in recent weeks, as people look for comfy clothes to wear at home.

Therefore, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any similar trends in your area of retail. Pushing any in demand items or services to the front of your offerings is a good way to boost visibility, and you will also want to make sure you have sufficient stock to meet demand. Also, ensure any relevant pages are SEO optimised to bring in organic traffic — speak to a professional agency if you’re unsure.

Reward your loyal customers

With unemployment on the rise and social distancing in place, it’s a tough time for your customers. If you are in a safe position to do so, why not reward them for their loyalty to your business? They are sure to appreciate it and will remember when your brand helped them out in this time of negativity.

From flash sales and discount codes to three-for-two offers and free delivery, there are lots of ways to give something back to your customer base. Just be sure to shout about any offers across your channel so that people can take advantage of them — you might win some new business, too.

Reach out through your social media

Your social media channels are vital for building brand loyalty. After all, people are more likely to recommend a brand after a good customer service experience through social media, highlighting the powerful impact that good engagement can have.

Aim to keep monitoring and being responsive on social media. Post content, reply to comments, and deal with complaints quickly, and your customer base will be able to see you’re trading and looking out for your clients in a difficult situation. Feel free to share positive news to brighten up people’s day, too — they’re sure to remember you did!

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