How Independent Retailers are Using SEO Hacks to Boost Their Online Presence

By Charlotte Ross, Content Creator, Dojono.

With the surge of retailers all becoming digital, we will discuss how smaller independent retailers can make a mark for themselves in a competitive online market by using SEO (search engine optimization).

Something many people ask SEO experts at Dojono is whether it is ‘game over’ for the independent retailers to compete against the bigger brands. People want to know howother online retailers are getting their products visible online when their stores seem to be lagging behind in the race to digital success. The good news is that it’s not game over if they are open to the idea of embracing digital advancement. And to do that, a good SEO strategy is vital.

As digital marketing experts, Dojono have shared some helpful advice on the topic of search engine optimisation to help independent retailers.

3 SEO Hacks for Independent Retailers

Below are a few SEO hacks that independent retailers are boosting their online presence with:

  • Interesting, Unique, Keyword-Relevant Content.

Note: “keyword-relevant” and not “keyword rich”. Gone are the days where you could jam-pack content with keywords for better search engine rankings. 

Independent retailers online have learned to do keyword research before creating content that works! You can use the Google Ads Keyword Research Tool for this. Create powerful content around the right keywords and phrases with:

  • Interesting “how to” articles.
  • Unique product descriptions (don’t copy/paste from manufacturers).
  • Interest pieces (newsworthy content that pertains to your industry).


  • Highly Targeted Content & Paid Advertising Campaigns.

If you are paying for social media and search engine advertising that is aimed at just about anyone and everyone, you are doing it wrong. You need to target your advertising at your specific audience and make sure that your paid advertising accounts are properly set up and targeted for this. Online retailers are noticing that the more relevant/targeted their content and advertising efforts are, the more partial Google is to presenting their sites in search results. You could benefit in the very same way.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites.

Independent retailers have found mobile friendly websites to be one of their most effective SEO hacks. Not only are people turning away from the high street and to the digital world, but they are doing it via their mobile phones. Smartphones are clutched in hand for the majority of the day. If your website doesn’t display perfectly on mobile, you are going to lose out. Mobile-friendly websites also:

  • Load quickly.
  • Offer online discounts and specials.
  • Encourage browsers to quickly sign up to mailing lists or enter competitions.
  • Allow for quick, easy, and 100% secure online purchases (with delivery).

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