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The House of Luxury launched a one-of-a-kind artistic jewellery pop-up at Harrods, with Aisha Baker and Tabbah.

The House of Luxury launched its first pop-up shop in Harrods, bringing fine jewellery brands Aisha Baker and Tabbah to one of the world’s most prestigious stores. Both brands offer a fantastic representation of a thriving industry, boasting cutting-edge design and expert craftsmanship.

Aisha Baker burst onto the scene in 2017, initially launching with the high jewellery line, Mirror Mirror before releasing its more commercial extension, Present and the brand new Prism collection.

Aisha baker creates “wearable art” for the 21st century woman, with every piece a reinvention of our favourite childhood fairytales, blending interesting materials, eccentric design and unrivalled quality for a truly unique,
one-of-a-kind product.

Tabbah, is one of the world’s oldest family-run jewellery houses, currently being led by 5th generation, Nagib Tabbah, who has not only continued to design and produce the breathtaking, high quality jewellery expected of Tabbah, but has also transformed the brand with striking, edgy, modern and avant-garde ‘New Looks’, created for strong women.

Founded in 1862, the Tabbah family have an atelier in Lebanon with over 120 jewellery experts, passionately working to bring their hand-drawn creations to life.

The superior craftsmanship, industry knowledge and skills of Tabbah’s ateliers are intrinsic to the house’s prestigious reputation amongst jewellery collectors, as the brand continues to remain loyal to its heritage, while creating explicitly modern pieces for the younger generation.

The pop-up had a minimalistic yet luxurious feel, immersing the consumer in the beauty of the pieces on display and the branding of each jeweller. Sleek black display cases housed the items with hidden lighting to ensure each piece was showcased at its best.

House of Luxury’s pop-up store opened in October showcasing award-winning, handcrafted pieces with a variety of prices, set within this iconic London department store.

The House of Luxury
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