• The group reused and recycled 1,799 tons of materials during the first quarter of 2019, which represents 97.5 per cent of its waste derived from the use of raw materials in manufacturing processes.
  • Of these residues, 81.4 percent have been reused by HMY, a growth of two percent with respect to the same quarter of 2018.

HMY, the international leader in global services and innovation for retail, has confirmed its commitment to the circular economy on World Recycling Day. The company, in the first quarter of the year, reused and recycled 1,799 tons of materials, representing 97.5 percent of the waste generated in the manufacture of its products.

HMY’s commitment to the circular economy is based on the ‘3R’ paradigm of caring for the environment: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The group recycled 16.1 percent of its waste in the first three months of the year as well as reusing 81.4 percent of it – an increase of almost two per cent in comparison to last year.

HMY works with materials including metal, wood, plastic, cardboard and paper. Specifically, in the first quarter of 2019, the remaining steel was used for melting and the generation of new metals, while the wood was reused for the manufacture of conglomerate panels. In addition to this, plastic waste was reused as a raw material for the manufacture of new products, such as rubbish bags. Finally, the remaining paper and cardboard has been re-used for the production of recycled paper.

Javier Rey, ESG & Quality Group Manager at HMY said: “Caring for the environment is everyone’s business. At HMY, we believe that all citizens must contribute their part, and companies cannot miss this joint effort. Therefore, we have designed an ambitious plan to reduce the environmental impact produced by our activity and encourage recycling in all our factories. The first results encourage us to continue on this path and reinforce our goal of growing in a sustainable manner, working in respect of both the environment and people. ”

This commitment to recycling comes as part of HMY’s global strategy for sustainable growth that respects the environment and people. As of last September, the company has integrated sustainability as an essential value of its development, and as a key element to achieve its main objective: acheiving long-term commercial success by promoting a positive effect on its employees, its customers, its suppliers, nature and society.

With this, HMY seeks to satisfy current needs without compromising future generations as well as focusing on the promotion of good practices in the environmental, economic and social spheres.

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