Shaftesbury announces the opening of Han Kjøbenhavn flagship store

Shaftesbury has announced the opening of Han Kjøbenhavn’s first flagship store outside of Copenhagen located on the first floor of 61-63, Beak Street and is 1,177 square ft. The brand will be bringing their Danish roots to the area.

Samantha Bain-Mollinson, Retail Director at Shaftesbury says, “We are delighted to have Han Kjøbenhavn join us in Carnaby with their first flagship store outside Copenhagen. We are excited for them to bring their Danish design roots to the area as part of a unique and personal offering that is set to be a favourite with the Carnaby customer.”

Han Kjøbenhavn flagship store and showroom is part of the brand’s international focus and desire to connect deeper with its community. Founder & Creative Director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and CEO, Daniel Søndergaard Hummel have chosen to accelerate the growth and development of Han Kjøbenhavn with positive progress expected to continue, enabling the brand to connect with its British and international community.

Creating honest and personal stories, emotions, and experiences that are interesting enough for people to be part of, has been a key focus point for the new retail concept for the store. It will accommodate the embedded challenge that physical retail has in terms of newness and surprising elements by transforming the space into a dynamic and visual environment. Technology has been incorporated into the creation of the experience and walls are turned into visual displays.

“Physical retail has to develop to stay relevant for people. We are at a place where we feel the time is right to make a change and to create a new way of experiencing physical retail. Our focus has been on creating a space that is able to change and provide different feelings and experiences on a continuous basis”, says CEO, Daniel Søndergaard Hummel.

Han Kjøbenhavn opened on Friday 18th February.

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