Go Instore partners with Currys PC World to deliver the instore shopping experience to their online customers during lockdown

Go Instore is powering the Currys PC World ShopLive experience to enable staff to work from home, serve customers remotely and support the transition of store re-openings as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Go Instore has partnered with Currys PC World to deliver ShopLive: a video-powered retail service that connects website customers with product matched experts using immersive HD live video.

The ShopLive service empowers Currys PC World colleagues with the ability to work safely from home during the COVID-19 crisis and assist online customers with expert advice, both from the comfort of their own homes.

Go Instore’s video first platform has already been adopted by some of the world’s biggest brands and they have seen a 90% increase of Go Instore sessions across the UK, Europe, Asia & United States since the pandemic. Go Instore is rapidly deploying the technology to a number of clients to provide happy and safe working environments for staff, whilst providing the benefits of the in-store experience for customers, from their own homes.

Go Instore has not only seen a rapid increase in demand, but the solution has been recognised by government departments across Europe including numerous Departments of International Trade recommending the technology to retailers to provide safe working environments for retail colleagues.

Go Instore CEO Andre Hordagoda said ‘We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Currys PC World to provide happy and safe working environments for staff as well as facilitating the support their customers have come to expect from store visits, remotely. Retail is the livelihood of so many and it is not just an option to keep commerce going, but a necessity. Although physical retail has paused, online hasn’t and retail needs to adapt. Retail is not dying; it’s getting a new lease of life’.

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