13 French exhibitors make up the only national pavilion (stands F200 and F208) at this year’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London on 2nd and 3rd May 2018. 

The French retail industry is the 3rd largest in Europe in terms of revenue after Germany and the UK, according to the French national statistics bureau.

Gathering over 520,000 brick and mortar stores, its growth is now largely driven by e-commerce – or more specifically, m-commerceIn 2017, 27m French consumers spent more than £70bn on online purchases (14.3% annual growth). The number of online merchants keeps increasing, now standing at around 170,000.

Retail Tech is one of the most dynamic sectors for the start-up ‘ecosystem’ in France.

Globally, the retail industry faces major challenges with the balance between physical and online retail still in transition. Customers demand more from retailers, whether it be in terms of shopping experience or services. The French Tech Pavilion exhibitors on stands F200 and F208 are keen to meet British retailers and seek out foreign partners to help them overcome these challenges:

Omnichannel & Ecommerce Platforms

KALIOP is a leading digital agency that supports retailers’ digital ventures to create a unique and global purchasing experience.

ONESTOCK has developed an omnichannel enablement software suite for retailers which optimises order processes, both in-store and online. Jigsaw, in partnership with OneStock, won the Best Multichannel Retailer award at Drapers Digital Festival 2017.

PROXIMIS is an e-commerce platform: a smart order management engine and an in-store sales application. Proximis was chosen by Gartner as a platform of reference for digital commerce.

STORETAIL is a digital advertising platform aimed at empowering e-commerce retailers and their vendors with technology to generate incremental revenue and boost sales. Having raised $9 million, Storetail invests heavily in R&D: of their 60+ employees, 50% are fully dedicated to R&D.

Instore Customer Experience Services

AKOUSTIC ARTS’s directional speaker “A” uses pioneering ultra-directional sound technology.  It’s like listening to music, without headphones.

OCCI specialises in in-store customer behaviour analysis to improve shopper experience and in turn, increase sales.

Online Customer Experience Tools

ALCMEON is a SaaS customer interaction management tool that enables retailers and brands to transform their social media accounts into 24/7 premium customer service channels.

REACHFIVE is a customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform aimed at improving customer experience through advanced authentication management.

SPREAD & COLE’s platform enables retailers and brands to report defective products, order their removal from stores and manage these withdrawn stocks.

SOYOOZ is a unique recommendation tool, based on intended use. Developed using AI, it is capable of providing recommendations for all types of products and services, on the web and in-store, on many devices using different interfaces (web, apps, chatbot, etc.).

UNTIENOTS used AI and machine learning algorithms to develop the ‘Loyalty Challenge’, a promotion personalisation platform. No more mass promotions, shoppers receive targeted coupons and take part in gamified challenges to earn rewards on their favourite products.

And more

BOTFUEL is an enterprise-grade chatbot builder platform for developers to run and manage highly conversational chatbots.

USERS LOVE iT has created negOptim, a cloud-based app suite for retailers that covers business and marketing strategy, including negotiation processes, promotional event management and budgets.

For further information, visit:

The French Tech Pavilion at RBTE is organised by Business France, the national agency responsible for supporting the international development of the French economy. Please visit the Business France website for more information.

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