Food for thought: logistics are the key to unlocking recipe box success

By Darren Taylor, Business Solutions Director, CitySprint

Increasingly time-poor, digitally enabled and with infinite choice, people today are hungry for fresh, innovative and convenient experiences — in all aspects of their lives.

A sector which has sprung up in response to this demand for convenience over the last few years is home food delivery and, more specifically, the recipe box market. Consider this: a decade ago, the idea of getting everything you need to put together a delicious home-cooked meal delivered to your door, seemed too good to be true. Since then, it has become one of the fastest-growing categories of online shopping.

Today, the world of recipe boxes is as diverse as a spice rack — with something to suit every palate and dietary requirement. From veggie boxes or meals aimed at weight loss, to quick and simple recipes perfect for couples or a whole family, one thing holds true for all box options — they offer a more convenient and time-saving alternative to shoppers than having to plan, prepare and shop for their weekly meals.

With demand skyrocketing and expectations constantly on the rise, it’s crucial that recipe box companies offer their customers a flexible, fast and seamless delivery, or else lose out to competitors. This is something that’s clearly understood by two of our clients — Gousto and Fresh Fitness Foods.

Founded in 2012, Gousto has grown at an astonishing rate over the last few years — most recently securing £30 million to support further growth and innovation. Delivering more than 1.5 million meals to customers each month, they recognise just how crucial flexible, fast and transparent delivery is to the success of their business.

For Gousto, the goal is simple: to place their customers at the heart of their offer by prioritising customer experience — both online and during delivery — all year round. They joined forces with us last year as part of their aim to deliver an excellent customer experience and top-class delivery performance. Gousto’s customers are always at the very centre of the delivery solution — a strategy which has seen us achieve delivery success levels of 99.8%. As a result, Gousto have extended their partnership with us from just Sundays to 7 days a week in response to customer demand; this includes free delivery, or the choice of a morning or evening slot.

Meanwhile, Fresh Fitness Foods offers fresh, quality food designed around their customer’s fitness goals — be that losing weight, building muscle, testing their psychological limits, or simply living a healthier, energised and more balanced lifestyle. To accomplish this, Fresh Fitness Food’s plans are tailored to achieve rapid, consistent and long-lasting results. Daily deliveries are scheduled between midnight and 6am to a clients’ home, gym or office in a cooler bag so that their fuel for the day ahead is ready to go as soon as they are.

Our partnership with Fresh Fitness Foods is all about boosting transparency and convenience to the next level. We integrated with the back-end of their website, enabling customers to receive notifications throughout the delivery journey of their order. Since the integration, Fresh Fitness Food have seen double digit growth with fewer queries regarding orders as the notifications keep customer informed.

What these cases highlight is that there’s a massive opportunity at the moment for businesses which make lives easier for people and convenient deliveries are increasingly a key differentiator. After all, customers will always appreciate a service that fits in around their busy lives. With competition increasing, companies need to seize the opportunity to showcase an optimised and convenient fulfilment offering at every turn.

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