• Average gift budget increased by a fifth YoY from £20 to £24
  • 81% of dad’s will be seeing their children this year, up from 45% in 2020 
  • A quarter of Brits will spend Father’s Day at a restaurant or pub
  • Children in Belfast are splurging the most this year £35.33 on each gift
  • New guide reveals the best rated subscription boxes for the perfect Father’s Day treat

New research from the consumer spending experts at money.co.uk has revealed that Brits are set to spend big this year on Father’s Day, with budgets increasing by 20% to £24 per present.

Last year, with non-essential retail, hospitality and other activities were shut down, many families missed out on their usual celebrations and budgets were cut to £20.

However, despite the excitement of being able to see our dads in person this year, Father’s Day spending has not yet returned to pre pandemic levels. Previous Father’s Day spending reports from money.co.uk revealed that people were prepared to spend £30 on average in 2019 for a Father’s Day gift.

Where are children spoiling their father’s the most in 2021?

Results found that gifting budgets differ substantially region to region. The big spenders this year are children in Belfast (£35.53), London (£27.72) and Manchester (£26.94).

Gifting budgets in Norwich (£15.82), Newcastle (£17.20) and Edinburgh (£17.67) are the lowest in the UK.

Those living in Belfast (+72%), Plymouth (+53%)  and Birmingham (+42%) are set to increase their budget the most year on year.

Consumers in Newcastle, Norwich and Brighton, have slashed their budgets the most in 2021 compared with 2020 (-28%), (-11%) and (-9%).

In light of lockdown restrictions last year, money.co.uk discovered that nearly half of dads (45%) missed out on the pleasure of spending Father’s Day with their children.

However this year’s figures are looking much more celebratory with 81% of children set to spend the day with their dads in person.

Additionally, after a volatile year for the hospitality industry, restaurants and pubs will welcome back millions this Father’s Day, as almost a quarter (24%) plan to celebrate with a restaurant meal or pub visit.

However, with restrictions such as reservation limits still in place, almost two fifths (40%) of those surveyed are celebrating from the comfort of their home. Over a fifth, (21%) are planning on spending Father’s Day by enjoying a meal inside the home. Whereas, 18% are looking forward to a BBQ or meal in the garden – 1% less than 2020.

Results highlight that people are still mindful of socialising outside where possible, as one in 10 of those surveyed are planning to celebrate the day with an outdoor activity.

Just over one in 10 (12%) are still limiting Father’s Day celebrations to a virtual video call, thankfully this is down a quarter (26%) from last year.

What are the most popular gifts this year?

The Father’s Day research by money.co.uk reveals that a third of children will be treating their dad to food or alcohol this year (30%).

A fifth (20%) are planning to spruce up their dad’s wardrobe this year with new clothes, while just over a tenth (12%) are turning to a trusted voucher.

Survey commission by money.co.uk of 2,007 respondents aged between 21-55. Results collected between 4th-7th June 2021.

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