Fancy Pants Store

The ‘Fancy Pants’ Store in Juhu, is a new retail space in the heart of the Western Mumbai suburb. Lavishly colorful, ‘Fancy Pants which started as a summer pop-up has evolved into an Ecommerce platform that has now taken the ambitious step of opening a physical store. Staying true to the brand’s tagline ‘Be Fierce Be Fancy’, the brand’s flagship store is a distinctive blend of sassiness as well as modern chic. 

The Cherry Blossom tree or Sakura as it is known in Japan was a key inspiration for the designers. A symbol of ‘Beauty of Life’, the Cherry Blossom tree has an inherent feminine aesthetic, and the interior of the space used touches of pale pink and white, as a homage to the beautiful blossoms 

The store is fortuitous in its location as there is an abundance of natural light, overlooking, large and lush green trees. The shell of the store offers a neutral, light and muted palette, with the vibrancy coming through the clothing itself. 

White brick walls have been selected along with grey concrete finish tiles and cane accents, for the desired minimalistic finishing of the interiorRose gold racks and tables have been added to brighten the look, while remaining muted in the background, the hot pink neon sign perfectly encapsulates the modern chic aesthetic with a touch of feminine flair thrown in.  

“When designing a retail space, it is important to identify the end goal of the retail store: to get customers over the threshold for sales and create brand awareness. Retailers have tried many tricks, from filling their stores with alluring scents to playing catchy music – and while some work, most of them are only a stopgap measure. There is an art to getting retail design right, commented Disha Bhavsar, Co-founder, Quirk Studio.  

An airy and open layout ensures a seamless circulation that allowed the users to find their way into the store; this facilitates increased sales, as well as creates a harmonious design, where no element overpowers another. 

The brand identity of Fancy Pants was reflected through Quirk Studio’s overall design. This was accomplished through the colour scheme, accents used and the Sakura tree installation 


Name of the Project – Fancy Pants Store 

Location – Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 

Name of the Client – Fancy Pants (Stuti and Jankee) 

Design Team – Quirk Studio – Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar 

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