Emma – The Sleep Company: UK revenue almost doubled in Q3 2020

  • Emma almost doubled YOY growth in third quarter of 2020 by 95% in UK
  • Sales on Irish market climb by 222% due to increased brand awareness and introduced EU sizes
  • New baby mattress launched to enlarge product range

Emma – The Sleep Company has retained its strong growth momentum in the UK, almost doubling net revenue in Q3 by 95% compared to 2019. After revamping the portfolio and introducing a new pricing model in July, the figures show that the strategy paid off. The Frankfurt-based sleep brand had reduced the pricing for its Emma Original mattress and introduced a new product range to attract different target groups.

Santosh Marrivagu, Head of UK and Ireland, said: “These figures are a testament to the strength of our business model, strategy, and execution. Even during the current highly uncertain macro environment we continue to deliver sustained growth. I am pleased to see that our strategy in 2020 bear fruit and UK customers keep trusting our brand.”

The Sleep Tech company also reports outstanding growth in Ireland. After scaling the marketing spend sustainably to increase brand awareness as well as offering a wider selection to customers with EU sizes to consolidate and streamline the supply chain, Emma achieved outstanding results on the Irish market with YOY growth of 222%. “The figures in Ireland are even more impressive than in the UK. They convey that while the market is consolidating with the exit of multiple direct competitors in the online mattress category, we have grown tremendously in Q3. We aim to continue this success story by intensifying our activities in Ireland both online and offline”, stated Marrivagu.

New Emma Cot Mattress to reach out to families

As part of their new product range strategy, Emma has launched its new Cot Mattress in the UK and Ireland. The fast-growing sleep brand could draw upon its proven expertise in mattress design and award-winning quality in creating a baby mattress that ensures safe and comfortable sleep. The Emma Cot Mattress was specifically designed to promote the healthy development of the spine while supporting the baby’s head during sleep. A firm foam core prevents the baby from sinking in too deeply, the breathable, open-pored foam supports the temperature regulation of the body. Emma introduced the baby mattress to their new customer group on Mumsnet and has been recommended by 97% of the reviewers.

Santosh Marrivagu emphasized: “Sleep is one of the most important factors for the development and health of children, making choosing the perfect mattress a big decision. We learned that customers love to purchase different products from the same brand, hence the decision to enable parents to shop Emma mattresses for the little ones, too.”

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