ELEMIS expands into new markets globally and announces executive leadership reshuffle following acquisition by L’Occitane Group

Since the inception of ELEMIS, Séan Harrington, Noella Gabriel and Oriele Frank shared a common vision: to build something that went beyond just cream in a jar. The goal was to deliver a high performance, results driven global skincare brand.

Today, the heartbeat at the center of the brand remains the same: Noella’s passion for development, Séan’s quest for business success and Oriele’s pioneering creativity. Recently acquired by the L’Occitane Group, ELEMIS operates in over 90 markets with headquarters in London and New York.

“We are thrilled to be entering a new and exciting phase of growth for ELEMIS. This next period will strengthen the continued growth and momentum behind our timeless brand and remarkably transformative products,” said Séan Harrington, CEO. “Together as a team, a brand and a family, we have incredible opportunity for success and we are more ready for it than ever!”

With the acquisition by L’Occitane Group, ELEMIS is expanding its global footprint to be the leading global skincare brand. Leveraging the success and the learnings of the existing team and the new owners to the fullest extent, the leadership team is well poised for success.

Effective April 1 2019, Séan as CEO relocates to Asia to open the first ELEMIS Hong Kong office with the aim to build a substantial brand presence across the APAC market and put in place the strong structure and resource needed to deliver this opportunity.

Noella now based out of the NY headquarters assumes her role as President and has her focus firmly set on continuing to drive the aggressive expansion of ELEMIS’ US footprint with a laser focus and commitment.
In the UK, Oriele promoted to Managing Director will oversee the business in the home market continuing to deliver consistent growth with her deep knowledge and understanding of the local omnichannel business.

With Sean, Noella and Oriele supported by their existing executive team and new brand partners L’Occitane Group, the ELEMIS brand is set to truly claim its place as a global skincare leader.

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