Dunelm Launches New Furniture & Mattress Recycling Partnership

Dunelm announces its new partnership with UK charity, British Heart Foundation, as well as waste removal company, Clearabee, giving customers looking to dispose of large furniture items such as sofas and mattresses a smarter choice

In a bid to make recycling and sustainability more accessible to its customers, Dunelm has partnered with furniture clearance company, Clearabee, as well as prominent UK charity, British Heart Foundation. The new partnerships mean that customers can avoid sending products to landfill by recycling large furniture items with Dunelm, and where possible, giving them a second life through sale in British Heart Foundation charity shops.

As part of the new scheme, British Heart Foundation will offer free collection on any unsoiled furniture items, with fire labels still intact. Customers’ pre-loved furniture will then be transported to their shops on local high streets across the UK, for a chance at a second life.  As well as helping to create a more circular and sustainable economy, second hand furniture items sold in British Heart Foundation shops help fund life-saving research into heart diseases, strokes, vascular dementia, and other life altering illnesses.

In addition to its work with British Heart Foundation, Dunelm is partnering with waste removal company, Clearabee, offering Dunelm customers a discounted collection rate, by simply uploading an order confirmation or receipt when booking a collection slot. Customers can book a collection with ease using a handy online booking system, offering contact-free, same day collection slots.

Clearabee works to divert as much as possible from landfill with an average of over 95% of the items collected re-used, recycled, or recovered. After collection, the items are graded and transferred to the most appropriate facility to minimise environmental impact considering driving distance and landfill diversion rates of the recycling facility, and since 2018, they have planted 19,657 trees in the UK and created two new forests. Clearabee also offers fast and flexible same-day and indoor and outdoor trackable collections and will accept items in any condition.

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Shriya Pancholi, Business Change Manager and Sustainability Lead at Dunelm, said: “Dunelm’s partnerships with the British Heart Foundation and Clearabee are the latest in a series of initiatives that have been launched as part of our commitment to become a more sustainable business. We’re on a journey of change, focusing on creating a circular economy, curating more sustainable product ranges, reducing waste and carbon emissions, while supporting our customers by giving them easy access to more responsible ways to shop and dispose of unwanted items. We’re thrilled to have struck such meaningful partnerships that quite simply help to make the world, our home, a better place.”

The news of these new partnerships comes following Dunelm’s announcement that all of its Christmas wrap, cards and trimmings for 2020 are 100% recyclable, as well as launching an in-store textile recycling scheme with First Mile across 10 of its stores.

Customers can find more information, and select the best recycling option for them by visiting the Mattress and Furniture recycling page on the Dunelm website: https://www.dunelm.com/info/about/mattress-and-furniture-recycling

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