Dune London introduces customer-created content on product pages and sees revenue increase

Dune London is introducing user generated content (UGC) on its product detail pages to inspire customers during the shopping journey, and has reported an 82% increase in sales where UGC played a part in the transaction over a two week period since the feature went live.

The shoe retailer has partnered with marketing technology company Curalate to integrate customer and blogger content from Instagram onsite.

Dune London is helping shoppers visualise shoes and accessories in real life settings, while making each image fully shoppable.

“Our customers respond very well to UGC – being able to see others wearing our products gives them extra confidence to purchase,” said Mark Blenkinsop, Digital Marketing Manager at Dune London. “This is the latest step in a wider strategy to leverage these images as well as our own beautiful lifestyle content across the web and make the products contained within photos and videos fully shoppable. Rather than asking customers to search for what they’ve seen, we’re taking them directly to it.”

Dune London works with Curalate to source inspirational content from a variety of online sources, then connects that content to the products featured. Curalate’s platform also allows the retailer to distribute shoppable content on its ecommerce and marketing channels including dunelondon.com, social channels and email.

A recent email campaign featuring Dune London’s ‘Your Style’ gallery saw a 55% increase in click throughs compared to previous emails not featuring UGC. It resulted in a six-fold increase in revenue generated by the gallery.

In addition to UGC, Dune London is also making its short film series shoppable. The retailer’s current #aloveaffairwith spring and summer 2017 campaign allows featured shoes to be bought instantly when consumers access the videos by mobile. Clicking on a chosen item takes them through to the product page.

Overall, Dune London has seen a 28% higher conversion rate among shoppers who engage with UGC during their shopping journey, while average order values grew by 17% over three months.

“Inspiring consumers has always been at the heart of branding,” said Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate. “Dune London is enabling inspirational content to not only deepen brand engagement, but also to drive revenue.”

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