Dove Hotel, Shanghai

Who’d have thought pleasure could be so important to our wellbeing? Recent research has proven how important moments of pleasure are in our daily lives. With this in mind, Mars Wrigley Global approached YourStudio to craft the ultimate experience for their chocolate brand Dove* for the Asia market (*the chocolate we know as Galaxy in the UK).

Given the muscle of Shanghai’s rapidly growing experience-driven retail landscape, YourStudio rose to the challenge creating a world first, designing a fully immersive hotel experience for pleasure seekers. The Dove Hotel is designed to not only engage its visitors in every sense but reveal to each guest their own unique pleasure profile.

Having made their booking on the Dove Hotel app, guests receive their personal Pleasure Profile Key Card at check-in, starting their journey to the hotel bedrooms, up the hotel elevator to an infinity mirrored corridor, then embarking on an adventure through a series of larger-than-life immersive bedroom suites. All of the rooms bring the story of Dove chocolate to life with accompanying projections, sounds and scents that transport guests’ minds to a place of pleasure and discovery across vivid installation landscapes.

Step through folds of milk chocolate & silk bedsheets in the Milk Chocolate Suite to feel the sensation of flowing through the smooth layered chocolate of Dove. Challenge your perception in the White Chocolate Room where the oversized bed is mounted on the wall in a room filled with white chocolate bubble balls. The most dramatic bedroom has a central four poster bed tumbling with super-sized strawberries dipped in white chocolate which surround you from floor to ceiling. These and more experiences layer the Dove story in ways that tantalise the mind and the senses, building strong emotional connections with the brand for visitors, not to mention the myriad of shareable Instagram opportunities.

Before leaving, YourStudio have created a Pleasure Lounge with a signature Dove Bespoke Bar where visitors can watch Dove chocolate masters at work. In the Creation Space, guests can mix and create their own unique Dove chocolate combinations at the Dove Bespoke Bar along with chocolate artists. With so many layers and a dynamic spark, no one leaves without questioning what drives their pleasure. What kind of pleasure-seeker are you? If you’d like to visit to find out, The Dove Hotel is located and Sinan Mansions, 30 Sinan Road, Shanghai, China and open from October to mid-November.

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