Don’t Panic this December by Chris Haines, Director of Consulting at Amplience

“Retailers stock immense amounts of merchandise in the build-up to November and December. Though January sales have become a shopping event in themselves, retailers want to shift as much as possible during the peak holiday shopping period. Yet there’s only so much room on Santa’s sleigh.

With Christmas only weeks away, competition is heating up for consumers’ seasonal cheer. Most of the country’s major retailers have released their annual Christmas advert, but advertisements only get shoppers through the door or – more likely this year – onto your web page.

Customer experience and content are the catalyst for turning browsers into buyers. Retailers can ‘win’ the year with the most beloved Christmas ad, but if their online experience doesn’t measure up, customers will shop elsewhere. High-quality content, such as 360͑° product views and personalised banners alerting customers to the most relevant deals and products, will help them stand out from the crowd.

Retailer’s must also spare a thought to often overlooked but increasingly essential channels such as mobile and voice. Customers will be time-poor this Christmas, and both channels offer an often faster, more convenient service. It is crucial retailers ensure the online experience is optimised no matter what device the shopper is using.

Christmas shopping is stressful enough. Any retailer able to make the online experience engaging, enjoyable and satisfying for the customer will surely make it onto Santa’s nice list.”

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