Digital communication in an age of Coronavirus

By Marta Fernandez, CMO of Netipbox Technologies

As the Coronavirus crisis continues to sweep across the world and governments are looking into solutions to curb the pandemic, digital signage can play an even bigger role than before. These tools are helping to provide health and safety information with real-time updates to help businesses stay connected and create a positive experience during these stressful times.

All supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, hotels, residencies, health centres, etc. that remain open need to communicate both security and prevention measures. Even retailers that are closed can have digital storefronts redirect the few passersby to their websites and report their offers through digital screens.

In supermarkets, the digital signage screens that just yesterday communicated offers and promotions, now instruct customers about the best way to safely put on and take off their gloves. The queue management screens now report the minimum safety distance between people, and other displays located at the entrance dynamically indicate the new hours of operation and other hygiene recommendations.

Similarly, in the working environments that remain operational, the ability to transmit content to employees through screens with recommendations regarding handwashing, keeping distances and not touching their faces can be a great help to keep workers informed and to make them feel safe and confident.

With this in mind, Netipbox Technologies wanted to transfer its support to all those companies that need to broadcast important information and find it difficult to do so (supermarkets, pharmacies, corporate channels, DOOH, etc.). So the company has developed a handful of free COVID-19 official videos and content adapted to the digital format, for all sectors, for immediate broadcasting on any screen or social network. Free access and download on the omnichannel smart communication platform This information can help educate the general public about what they need to do to protect themselves today.

One way to give value to this moment is to start thinking about a return to normalcy. As people resume their routines and movements, digital signage will once again be at the forefront of all areas to transmit information to people with the power of the AV medium.

That’s why now is a good time to develop content strategies that will be relevant when the situation normalises and to prepare digital signage campaigns to launch offers for those who may be thinking about reopening.

It is clear that digital signage will not prevent the spread of the virus, but it can be a great ally in raising public awareness. The world is faced with an exceptional situation, and all available tools will be welcome to disclose the information in the best possible way.

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