David Haye Weighs in on Fight Against COVID-19 with the Launch of The Black Mask Company

Former boxing heavyweight world champion David Haye is launching ‘The Black Mask Company’, exclusively retailing The VP195 face mask. This high-tech face mask of premium design is available in time for the UK Government’s rules on wearing face masks in shops coming into effect on Friday 24th July.

The three-layer, antibacterial face mask provides both effective protection and comfort, with its urban black stealth design it’s set to appeal primarily to 16-35 year olds. The VP195 is also economical, as it can be washed up to 30 times. At a time when we are using 129 billion disposable face masks every month*, the Black Mask Company is delivering a much needed reusable and sustainable solution in the fight against the pandemic.

“As COVID-19 took a grip on the UK, I went online to purchase a black face mask only to find them either out of stock or with an extended delivery time” said David Haye CEO of The Black Mask Company. “At a similar time I caught up with a friend who is based in Vietnam, a country noted for its effective management of COVID-19. As a nation they pulled on their experiences of SARS and Bird Flu and responded proactively. Shutting borders, closing schools and implementing a strict track and trace system so I looked to them for guidance.”

The Vietnamese government commissioned a 3-layer cloth mask specifically for COVID-19 for their protection services to wear, known as The VP195 which utilises Nano-Silver fibre technology to maintain the masks anti-bacterial properties for 30 washes. Haye worked with the source to create a bespoke black design in a range of sizes to appeal to the Nation’s youth.

“I’m proud to be launching The Black Mask Company offering The VP195, bringing a cool option to the market which doesn’t cost the earth – in both senses! In the UK younger people appeared to be slow adopters of face masks, so I wanted something which appealed to them. As a nation we need to realise it’s not just about looking out for yourself, but also those around you, we have a collective responsibility to do what we can to curb the spread of COVID-19 so we can get back to business and reboot the economy, without a trail of disposable face masks left littering our streets”

The VP195 face mask costs between £9.50-£12.50, is available in black and in a range of sizes and can be purchased at theblackmaskcompany.com.

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