Independent bakery chain Cornish Bakery has started 2022 with a set of staff and customer feedback figures that have exceeded expectations. Alongside a 30% increase in like-for-like sales against 2019 and a gamechanger rebrand, the company finished 2021 with a score on Indeed of 4.83 and a net promoter score of 62.3.

To ensure that this highest-graded position is maintained and maximised, Cornish Bakery has become the first bakery to work with Feedcheck.  The global platform has bespoke built a new, live system that continually monitors all Cornish Bakery customer feedback and scores against all of their direct competitors locally and nationally, ensuring the brand stays at the very top.

Cornish Bakery Founder Steve Grocutt says, “‘Aim Higher’ is one of Cornish Bakery’s core values, and the final 2021 scores show that this objective is being continually achieved both internally and externally. Our commitment to, and investment in, our feedback mechanism ensures precision delivery, in every location.  It also provides us with a deep insight into what our competitors are doing, whilst we take their market share.”

Steve continues, “As we quickly grow, it is paramount that we never compromise, or falter, in our mission to provide optimum quality service, products and experience to every single one of our Cornish Bakery customers, every single day.  And the provision of an inspiring and motivating workplace is integral to us recruiting and developing top-flight talent across the whole country.  Alongside our explosive growth numbers, these quality ‘scores’ show us that we’re doing all the right things, in the right ways and we’re on course to raise every bar that there is across the bakery sector.”

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