Conversity offers charitable support to public sector and non-profit organisations during coronavirus crisis

Retail technology company lends expertise to help organisations deliver services to vulnerable people

Retail technology expert Conversity has announced that it is offering complimentary support to government and non-profit organisations during the current coronavirus crisis. This is to help these companies to continue delivering vital services to the most vulnerable members of society in this period of unprecedented challenge.

Conversity’s charitable support will cover assistance with the coordination of online services, which includes helping organisations work out how to make their websites easier to navigate. This aims to ensure that critical online services – such as accessing special assistance if you are vulnerable – are as easy to use as possible. This is especially important as more and more people self-isolate and subsequently rely on the internet to carry out daily activities.

Haj Muntz, CEO of Conversity, said: “As the coronavirus continues to take hold, it can be difficult to know where to start if you’re a vulnerable person working out how to manage your daily routine during self-isolation. It’s a confusing time for many, but clarity and simplicity are now more important than ever when it comes to things like accessing financial support for employees, paying rent, or simply attempting an online shop for the first time.

“Our core ethos at Conversity is built on making complex online shopping experiences simple, and bringing more of a human touch to what can seem like an impersonal process. This is the exact expertise we are offering at this time – we have significant depth of technical know-how that we are ready to share, and are ready to assist with any technological challenge that public sector bodies or non-profit organisations are grappling with.

“Getting the better of this pandemic will require us all to work together, put aside our differences and do everything in our power to help the most vulnerable in society. This will be our central focus for the coming weeks, so we urge any organisation that needs help in making life simpler for those in their care to get in touch.”

Organisations that are interested in receiving support can get in touch with Conversity at

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