Consumers to shop till they drop on Love My Shop Day

Taking place across the UK on 1 June 2019, Love My Shop Day will celebrate everything beloved about high street shopping.

Giving a platform for shoppers to experience the advantages and benefits of shopping locally, the event aims to inspire shoppers to discover the incredible breadth of choice, value and service found only in local High Street and shopping centre stores.

The High Street is the central heartbeat of any town. If these shops were to shutter it is only a matter of time before restaurants and entertainment venues close, depriving a town of its identity and purpose.

Fran Page, Marketing Manager of Love My Shop Day explains: “The High Street is currently operating at roughly four times the size of online shopping[1] and we want to honour each and every retailer that makes shopping an experience, not a chore. For consumers, Love My Shop Day will celebrate the unique and magical experience we all feel when shopping instore”.

Love My Shop Day is not just about price, it’s provides an opportunity for consumers to reconnect with local shops, discover the everyday amazing deals and products available ‘just down the road’ and interact face to face with a real person.

Love My Shop Day will take place on 1 June 2019.

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