Christmas countdown: top tips for getting your e-shop ready

By Patrick Schaudel, Vice President and Product Unit Lead for sitebuilder, marketing and e-commerce solutions at 1&1 IONOS

With only weeks to go, the Christmas countdown is truly on. With millions of Brits heading online to source Christmas gifts, it’s vital an e-shop is maximised for a seamless shopping experience.

Optimise for mobile

Mobile shopping is overtaking traditional desktop purchases, and considering the amount of time spent on mobile devices, it’s no wonder why. To ensure an e-shop meets consumer demand, mobile optimisation should be as a priority. Not only does it simplify operability, but it can also considerably reduce page loading times – improving the user experience.

A simple starting point for mobile optimisation is to keep an e-shop design theme simple, take away all excess clutter that could distract a customer, and use online tests to check how mobile-friendly a website is.

Compress images to reduce loading time

Product images are crucial when it comes to the decision making process. They’re essential in capturing a customer’s attention, but excessive load times can put potential buyers off. To avoid this happening make sure all e-shop images are compressed in the best possible way. Suitable formats are JPEG, PNG and especially WebP.

Multi-channel offering

These days, online shopping is more integrated than ever, with customers looking for the best prices on different platforms. To make a business stand out, an online shop should be linked to and integrated with online marketplaces or price comparison portals, so that no sales are lost.

To meet the growing demands on social commerce, shop operators should also choose an e-commerce solution that can be linked to business pages or profiles across social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Reduce clicks for a streamlined online journey

A shopping process or path to purchase has to be as simple as possible; unnecessary click-throughs can confuse a customer and decrease the chance of purchase. That’s why a one-page checkout with a shopping cart function is often the simplest and most effective payment set-up. It’s also important to add an option of restoring a recently discarded shopping cart, making it easier for returning visitors to pick up where they left off, and helping to convert them into prospective buyers.

Join in the festivities

Adding a little Christmas atmosphere to your e-shop offering can help encourage visitors to buy. Why not decorate your logo with a Christmas hat, add Christmas ribbons to product imagery, and create Christmas offer bundles so customers feel valued? Just remember to remove festive additions after the holidays!

It’s also important to make delivery times as concrete as possible. Make sure your estimates include buffer times for any possible delays, and guarantee arrival before Christmas day.

To find out more about how to improve your e-commerce website all year round, visit 1&1 IONOS:

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