With a commitment to long-term curation and partnership with the Chinatown London community, Shaftesbury has announced that new Korean barbeque themed restaurant, Olle, is launching its debut site in Chinatown London later this month.

Olle is the brainchild of Charles Seo, founder of Japanese restaurant Kyoto Soho. The new 1,307 sq ft restaurant, located at 86-88 Shaftesbury Avenue, will cater for 80 covers and serve a menu of Korean barbeque dishes, high-quality Japanese and American wagyu beef, Iberico pork, seafood and Korean stew cooked the traditional way in stone bowls.  A variety of Korean beers, alongside wine and soft drinks will also be available.

The interior of the new restaurant has been designed by Jiwon Lee, MA graduate from the Architecture Association in London, and will feature long, communal style tables, with in-built barbeque grills and pits for guests to cook their own meat.

Commenting on the news, Julia Wilkinson, Portfolio and Group Restaurant Strategy Executive at Shaftesbury, said: “Korean food has been taking the UK by storm, and we are excited to welcome this debut Korean barbeque concept.  The punchy flavours of Korea are sure to be a hit with Chinatown London visitors, who flock here for authentic East Asian experiences in heart of London’s West End.”

Charles Seo, the Founder’s of Olle, added: “Chinatown London’s draw as a world-class food destination makes it the ideal place for us to launch our new concept.  Our menu, devised by Korean Head chefs, will offer a truly authentic Korean food in a contemporary setting, adding a modern touch to the traditional Korean cuisine experience.”


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