Brand Potential and Touch join forces to launch HALO

A joint insight and innovation venture to deliver sustainable innovation for brands 

Branding and innovation agency, Brand Potential, and structural and sustainable design consultancy, Touch, are announcing the launch of a joint insight and innovation venture – HALO. The joint venture will identify, create and deliver sustainable pack and product innovation for brands.

Having worked together for the past 10 years, the collaboration between these two like-minded agencies is seamless. While both agencies continue to work independently, HALO is a collaboration that combines the skillsets of both teams. Both agencies have clients who are actively engaged with conversations around this initiative and it is highly beneficial to the proposition that Touch is a LOOP (TerraCycle’s e-commerce platform) approved design agency.

HALO will provide innovation at pace, with the process moving from collecting insight through ideation to conception in only eight weeks. Brand Potential will be providing brand, consumer, shopper and category insight, working to align brand positioning and purpose and generating ideas for this joint venture. Touch will be responsible for creatively interpreting the insight into brand and consumer driven sustainable structural packaging and supply chain solutions.

Consumers are increasingly looking for more sustainable products and packaging to enable them to make a positive difference to their environment. With many brands undertaking wider work around corporate purpose and CSR, HALO provides an opportunity for brands to follow through on this through all touchpoints. 

Rishi Deb, Open Innovation & Tea NPD Lead at Twinings said: “The innovation challenge for a global brand like Twinings is being able to know what is technically possible and the regulatory environments around the world, while also working with the brand team to deliver what consumers and the category want in the spectrum of diverse global markets we operate. I’ve personally worked with the teams at both Touch and Brand Potential and I think the HALO concept is a great partnership, playing to both sets of skills – technical innovation and brand – and giving them and their clients an extra edge when it comes to successful and sustainable innovation. ”

HALO is built around a model of sustainable innovation which addresses multiple perspectives and issues to ensure its success. It does this by looking at four key areas:

  • The Consumer – Ensuring any barriers are overcome, either by building from existing behaviours or facilitating positive behaviour change.
  • The Category – Using pack format and semiotic cues to signpost positive intentions while working within country regulations.
  • The Company – Consideration of the financial criteria while aligning to the broader business purpose and sustainability agenda.
  • The Community – Looking for positive impact on the whole brand community including the supply chain, customers, consumers, partners and stakeholders.

“When it comes to sustainable innovation, there can be a disconnect between the corporate sustainability agenda and consumer expectations and behaviours,” commented Mary Say, CEO, Brand Potential.“Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to do’ but has become mission critical as a result of consumer expectations, changing regulations and retailer demands. To be successful, sustainable innovation has to fit the needs and motivations of consumers and support the wider brand purpose.”

“This collaboration with Brand Potential is all about identifying what matters to consumers, communities and companies. And then delivering ideas that work technically, creatively and sustainably,” added Guy Harrison, Chairman, Touch. “This joint venture lets us provide sustainable innovation for brands from multiple perspectives in a seamless way. It is a win-win’ for our clients.”

You can find out more about HALO on Brand Potential’s website:

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