Upgraded Product Experience Management (PXM) solution helps fast-fashion pioneer sell over 3 million unique products across multiple channels

Manchester, U.K.-based fast-fashion pioneers boohoo has today announced the selection of Akeneo, a global provider of Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions, to manage the company’s product information as part of its evolving omnichannel strategy.

Since its launch in 2006, boohoo has grown rapidly, adding more than 6000 products per day. The boohoo catalog now features more than 3 million SKUs sold across a wide range of channels, including an eCommerce website, a mobile app, and a printed catalog.

Boohoo will use Akeneo’s PXM platform to increase sales, reduce time to market, and boost productivity of a team of 250 employees and over 600 suppliers by offering a dedicated solution for all product information while streamlining internal processes. This will help the company  grow and scale its business more quickly and unlock rapid growth. The platform additionally empowers boohoo to centralise product information and quickly measure product data quality and consistency, while driving improvements in product information to deliver compelling, consistent, and personalised product experiences across sales channels.

“So far, we have been managing our product information manually, which was time-consuming and a drain on resources,” said Steve Nolan, Head of Technology at boohoo. “By implementing Akeneo PIM, we will increase efficiency and accelerate our time-to-market while also improving our product data and product experience.”

James Barlow, UK Country Manager at Akeneo, said: “We’re excited to see the difference Akeneo’s PXM solution can make for boohoo. Improving product data quality and product experience often has a notable impact on a company’s conversion and growth rates, so I’m confident this partnership can help the company reach its growth goals.”

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