Global fashion retailer boohoo is teaming up with entrepreneur, CEO and former boohooambassador, Paris Hilton, for Paris Hilton’s virtual Fashion Week to be held in Paris World. Boohoo worked with MilkMoney, a marketplace for out-of-home (OOH) media buying, to secure the billboard inventory in the Metaverse. This marks boohoo’s first foray into the Metaverse and is the first brand to advertise in the Metaverse during Fashion Week, a natural and strategic next step for the brand.

Paris Hilton’s Paris’ World on Roblox is positioned to become a leading persistent always-on celebrity world in the Metaverse with updates daily, live events weekly, and specialty programming. Boohoo will display two prominent billboards in Paris’ World during virtual Fashion Week, which will be located at the entrance area to the event.

“Billboards are a part of our everyday lives and it should be no different in the metaverse,” said Paris Hilton. “When I spoke to Sam and the MilkMoney team, it was clear they shared the same vision for what Paris World can offer and how to reach consumers and fans, and it’s awesome to be launching our first billboard campaign with boohoo, a brand I’ve always loved.”

The Fashion Week event in Paris’ World is open to the public and gave fans and customers access to a VIP Fashion Show event featuring Paris Hilton and other top Roblox designers, celebrities and influencers on Friday, February 18th via a private server. A virtual Fashion show was filmed and premiered on Paris’ YouTube channel on Saturday February, 19th which is also public and available to viewers everywhere.

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