Bond Street in Full Bloom for Shops Reopening

Bond Street stores re-open and welcome customers back to the luxury shopping destination from 12th April. To celebrate the occasion and the start of spring, visitors can enjoy clusters of beautiful faux Japanese blossom trees to highlight the joy of nature. The temporary installations support the National Trust’s aim to plant 20 million trees by 2030 and visitors to Bond Street can text to donate £5 towards the Trust’s plant a tree programme.

Bond Street is delighted to partner with the National Trust and their #BlossomWatch campaign, which aims to create a UK equivalent of Japan’s world-famous Hanami – the annual tradition of admiring the blush-tinted blooms.

During the lockdown, many more people have turned to nature to boost their happiness and feelings of wellbeing. In time for stores reopening, Bond Street has taken inspiration from this connection to nature and the Hanami season in Japan, to bring these ornate blossom trees to the street for visitors to enjoy.

The National Trust began #BlossomWatch last year and thousands of images were captured of trees in bloom and shared across social media platforms. Now the Trust is making it an annual tradition, asking people to share the joy that the sight of new blossoms brings to help lift spirits as the nation starts to resume pre-pandemic lifestyles.

Bond Street is home to an unrivalled mix of traditional elegance and modern luxury with couture fashion houses, fine jewellery, and art galleries. Its stores are ready to welcome back customers with in-store events, limited edition collections and bespoke customer services. Many will be extending shopping hours and services to provide customers additional time to browse and collect purchases.

Katie Thomas, Associate Director of Bond Street & Mayfair at New West End Company said:

“We are delighted to be working with the National Trust and proud to support their plant a tree campaign. We’re looking forward to welcoming customers back to Bond Street and wanted to bring a little joy and wellbeing with our faux blossom trees.”

Annie Reilly, Blossom Programme Manager at the National Trust said:

“Our aim is to share the simple joy of blossom with as many people as possible, and with many people in England living in urban areas, anything we can do to encourage or enable people to enjoy this key moment of spring, has to be a good thing.

“Money raised through our fundraising will be used to plant a range of different trees, including millions of blossom trees – in both urban and countryside locations – as we work towards achieving our ambitions to plant and establish 20 million trees across England, Wales and, Northern Ireland over the next decade.”

The campaign will be on Bond Street from 12th April – 9th May 2021. To get involved donate £5 to the National Trust to plant a tree or simply take and share imagery on social media using the hashtag #BlossomWatch. Once the blossom trees leave Bond Street they will be reused at other events in the UK and any carbon emissions are offset through the supplier’s [1] tree planting programme.

[1] Twilight Trees has worked with Bond Street since 2019 to provide beautiful artificial trees that are also eco-friendly. The company creates stunning faux trees with natural materials. All the trees are reused and repaired after each event to ensure their maximum lifespan. The company offset its carbon footprint through a tree planting programme across the UK.

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