Black Friday Saved Brits an Average £92 on Purchases

  • 42% grabbed more items this Black Friday than compared to previous years
  • 40% found and bought up to five Black Friday items this year
  • 37% saved between £100 and £500 on their Black Friday purchases
  • Over half saw Black Friday items at the same price or cheaper earlier in the year
  • 43% used a browser extension or an online shopping tool to find discounts while checking out online

Half (49%) of Brits purchased items during this year’s Black Friday shopping event. 2 in 5 (40%) were found to have bought up five items online and 42% claimed to have bought more compared to previous years. And, despite 53% saying they would stick to shopping online for future Black Friday events, over half (51%) did claim some of this year’s Black Friday items have been available for the same price or cheaper earlier in the year.

While some items were clearly discounted online, many shoppers went one step further this year to ensure they got the best deals. 43% of those who bought Black Friday items also used a browser extension, like Honey, or an online shopping tool to apply more discount when checking out.

On average, those who took advantage of Black Friday deals online have saved a total of £92 on purchases. Research also uncovered, some of the savviest shoppers (37%) saved between £100 and £500 on their Black Friday purchases.

New research commissioned by Honey, a browser extension owned by PayPal that helps shoppers save time and money, further cites men appeared to be better at finding and basketing a bargain online. Men saved on average a third (35%) more than women, £112.20 compared to £72.50, respectively.

Also uncovered, the most popular items bought online this year; clothes and accessories (33%), electronics (27%) and health, beauty and personal care items (26%) were in favour over sports and outdoor equipment (12%) and pet accessories (11.4%)..

Customers can add Honey to their browser by simply visiting and clicking ‘Add Honey – It’s Free’ button. You can find more information here.

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