Bespoke Mural Breathes Artistic Life into Covent Garden

The Mercers’ Company has officially unveiled an exclusive mural crafted by London based artist Rob Lowe, to mark the capital’s creativity in the heart of Covent Garden.

Located on Mercer Street, Lowe’s debut mural spans nearly 2,000 sq ft across the exterior wall and pavement area of the London Graphic Centre building. Lowe was selected from a shortlist of talented artists, with a brief to simply attract and inspire people when they return to central London. Designed around the key theme ‘creativity is in all of us’, the bespoke canvas showcases pastel shades and translates Lowe’s trademarked geometric and graphic style throughout. The mural itself was painted by Global Street Art Agency.

Celebrating the cultural influence London has globally, an ethos also shared by Art of London, the new mural is a key element within a wider placemaking strategy planned for the Mercers’ Company and its adjoining neighbours of The Yards, including Langley Street, Mercer Walk, Mercer Street and St Martin’s Courtyard.

Simon Taylor, Property Director at the Mercers’ Company, said: “We are always looking to enhance the charm of Covent Garden. Creativity and art provide a unique expression and appeal to our visitors, it is also something which can be enjoyed in a safe and socially distanced way. The final commissioned artist for the mural needed to reflect the strong creative and unique history of its locality.

“Rob Lowe has created some amazing pieces and installations in other cities and his first London-based work is such a striking piece that we have no doubt will leave all our visitors with a renewed enthusiasm and energy for their own creative endeavours. We hope this mural will also provide a sense of purpose and perspective during this reflective period  as London recovers from the pandemic and starts to welcome people back.”

Artist, Rob Lowe, added: “I was particularly interested in the theme for this one-off piece for the Mercers’ Company as well as the opportunity to work on a project specifically for the capital. Creativity is in all of us, it might be buried deep in some, but it is there. It’s something we are all born with – to greater and lesser degrees – but as we get older, we are told there are right and wrong ways to do things and many people lose confidence in making mistakes, which are essential in creativity. If we are not allowed to make mistakes, we cannot be truly creative. Hopefully, this mural will encourage people to take a brush, pen, pencil, or anything you can make a mark with, and go for it.”

Michael Want, Commercial Manager at London Graphic Centre said: “We are honoured to have Rob Lowe’s fantastic mural displayed on the exterior of our building. As a leading supplier of materials to the art and design community for almost 50 years, it couldn’t be more fitting to see a burst of creativity as you enter London Graphic Centre.”

This news follows a secondary art commission for the area, comprising a new design for the gateway that forms the link between Old Brewers Yard and Langley Street. The bespoke gates have been designed by contemporary metal artist, Bex Simon and celebrate the history of the area and its beer brewing links.

Experiential art gallery, founded by Hercules Fisherman also recently launched on Shelton Street and its debut exhibition, ‘Our Wonderful Culture’, is available for viewers to enjoy virtually.

Knight Frank is the managing agent for the Mercers’ Company.

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