Bang & Olufsen Advances Digital Strategy with commercetools

commercetools has announced how the iconic Danish consumer electronics company, Bang & Olufsen (B&O), is enhancing its digital presence using a commercetools commerce platorm. Already live, the new platform will support a combination of the online and physical retail operations including click and collect.

Bang and Olufsen chose commercetools for its new online retail presence because of its headless architecture and how the platform‘s flexibile microservices can create a truly omnichannel experience for customers.

“We wanted maximum flexibility for the future of our e-commerce strategy,” said Tomas Antvorskov Krag, Director, E-Commerce at Bang & Olufsen. “With the commeretools’ headless approach we can create inspiring shopping experiences for our customers. As a next step, we can flexibly integrate the physical stores of our retailers. After discussions with our solution partner Kruso, it quickly turned out that commercetools perfectly covered the requirements of the new website.“

The first step of the project was to merge the online presence of the Bang & Olufsen and Beoplay brands.

Due to the headless architecture of the commercetools platform, which means the frontend and the backend ecommerce system are separated from each other, the implementation could be started immediately. React is the front end technology that integrates with commercetools. Any innovations are implemented step by step and B&O can work on the next steps simultaneously.

B&O took advantage of the API-first nature of the commercetools platforms. Contentful was chosen as a content management system (CMS). As it is an API-driven CaaS platform (content as a service) and a headless solution Contentful perfectly matches the commercetools API interfaces.

“We are pleased to accompany a traditional supplier such as Bang & Olufsen on its next steps towards the future of digital commerce,” states Dirk Hoerig, Co-Founder and CEO commercetools. “High-quality products like these not only require stylish presentation options in the store. The online presence must reflect the sonic brilliance and the astounding design. With commercetools, Bang & Olufsen provides the basis – and remains flexible for tomorrow’s e-commerce solutions. ”

The next step will be to combine the offline and online retail business. The plan is to integrate a “Click & Collect” system for customers to order online and pick up the goods in the store.

“The integration of the real-life shops means that the cash register systems must be connected to the online system via flexible API interfaces, ” explains Hoerig. “Commercetools provides such solutions as flexibly adaptable microservices – one of the reasons why Bang & Olufsen chose our software.”

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