• Existing NEXT store will re-locate within the centre, to create new larger unit for home, beauty and fashion offerings
  • Store will be joined by adjacent Victoria’s Secret unit

Atria Watford, a popular UK retail and leisure destination owned by property company SGS, is pleased to announce the opening of a new, expanded NEXT store, as well as the addition of Victoria’s Secret.

The centre’s existing NEXT store will move from its current unit, covering 32,386 sq ft, to a new one, creating one large store spread over three floors, combining its home, beauty and fashion offerings. This will cover 94,478 sq ft in total (upper mall: 28,801 sq ft, lower mall: 40,902 sq ft and basement: 24,775 sq ft). This will be on a 10-year lease and opening is currently expected to be April 2022.

Victoria’s Secret, a US lingerie, clothing and beauty retailer, will also open a new unit, covering 4,500 sq ft, adjacent to NEXT’s new offering. This will have links to the main NEXT sales area, as well as a new, separate entrance. The store’s opening date will be announced in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for NEXT comments: “We are very excited to announce plans for our new and improved store at Atria Watford –  a location where NEXT has already thrived for many years. The new unit will bring together the three elements of our offering in one place – fashion, home and beauty – for the first time, for our Watford shoppers to enjoy.”

Steve Gray, Head of European Retail Asset Management at Global Mutual, comments: “NEXT is a hugely important and long-standing tenant at the centre – and so we are really pleased to have supported them as they reconfigure their offering with us. We know locals and visitors will be incredibly excited by the new store.

We are also delighted to welcome Victoria’s Secret and a host of other new tenants, further diversifying our offer for shoppers.

Atria Watford remains a top attraction for the area and the deals are indicative of the strengths we continue to offer brands. We have further updates in the pipeline and look forward to announcing more positive news when we are able.”

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