Arlo & Jacob delivers their showrooms to your home with virtual shopping

This January, British furniture brand Arlo & Jacob are home delivering their showrooms virtually. Responding to the new retail era, Arlo & Jacob showrooms in London, Bristol, Marlow, and Harrogate have all gone virtual with the launch of video-powered shopping for customers.

“Over 70% of our customers are in various stages of home renovations”, explains Tim Newsome, Marketing Director from Arlo & Jacob. “By making our four showrooms and our interior experts available with live video chat, we are supporting their projects.”

Despite lockdown, homeowners are looking to continue their renovations. In response, Arlo & Jacob have launched virtual showrooms hosted by professionally trained interior experts.

Through live video chat, Arlo & Jacob offer a sense of interactivity these home renovators would generally get from a bricks-and-mortar experience.

“Renovations of various size and scale, whether a quick makeover or full-extension, are still underway and our customers are looking to keep their projects moving.”

Arlo & Jacob’s virtual showrooms are powered by Go lnstore software, allowing shoppers to ask live questions from a team of 14 professionally trained interior experts. It enables customers to get one-to-one advice wherever they are with their mobile phone or laptops.

With their physical stores temporarily closed, Arlo & Jacob’s interactive shopping experience includes a full demonstration of various products and services. Arlo & Jacob aim to capture the essence of what customers crave from brick-and-mortar shopping: comfort and stimulation, clarity and calm, and support in improving their homes.

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